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Welcome to RAVE- Your choice in complete Audio Visual support. How we do what we do is different. Who we are is different. We offer professional, tangible, dedicated and personal support. Imagine knowing who and what you get, every time. If it's a long term, reliable and dedicated supply partner you are looking for; we can help you. If it's an amazing event made to be memorable or a hard working day conference. Big or small; we can help you. If it's daily in-house expertise you require, the perfect person to match your culture and business; we can help you.








Event Production
We are your Audio Visual Partner for events big and small. Projection, lighting, audio, video and theming.
Conferences, AGMs, Announcements, Road Shows, PD Days, Product Launches, Seminars, Incentives...
We will assist with your event from concept to completion. Creative conception, technical production and technical direction are old hats for us. Years of professional production experience has provided us the knowledge required to deliver a truly successful and memorable event. One key piece of knowledge matters most - it is about the people. We understand that your event is about your people. We are here to not only give your people the tools they need in today's business but also to make them comfortable and look good using them!
Creatively, we are a well. Technically, we are a rock.
Let us help you deliver exceptional events.


Videoconferencing and Teleconferencing
We are specialists in video and audio conferencing. We connect people from around the world. Videoconferencing and Teleconferencing can save travel time and expense, make an impossible schedule work or be used as a refreshing change from standard presentations. One to one meetings, CEO addresses to multiple offices for hundreds of staff, remote presenters linked in or collaborative two way Q & A sessions for business or medical.

Talk to us about your needs and visions and we will show you how to make it a reality.


Video and Audio Webcasting
Webcasting is now a common and affordable method of reaching a large number of people in real time or for on demand viewing. The far end viewers can use their own computer to view the webcast, eliminating the need for specialized equipment. Anywhere there is an internet connection the webcast can be accessed.

We provide webcasting services for Results, Announcements, AGMs and special events. The use for a webcast is limitless. Webcasts are customisable and look and branding. You can choose to stream audio and slides or video, audio and slides. Additional tools are available to use with the webcast such as online Q & A, polling and real time facilitator control.


Professional Conference Organisers and Producers
RAVE Audio Visual is a long term partner with many PCOs and Producers. We understand the business needs and products for these professionals. We offer tailor made packages to suit and one point of contact; creating an efficient process that saves valuable time and budget.

We consistently deliver over 400 events per year nationwide. We are very proud to continually maintain a high level of quality, service and detail. You will always know what to expect and who you will see onsite. Our team becomes your team, with one goal… to deliver exceptional events.

We are always looking for long term relationships. Please contact us to see how we can help!

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